Buchla and TipTop Audio collaboration to create a complete Eurorack compatible version of the complex random voltage generator model 266. 24HP Noise and Voltage Generator with Voltage Control, Variable Probability Modulation, and Sample and Hold Module

Noise Source:

  • Pink noise (-3db/oct - low frequency biased)
  • White noise (flat - equal frequency balanced)
  • Blue noise (+3db/oct - high frequency biased)

Fluctuating Random Voltages:

  • CV Input controls the probable rate of random voltage change
  • Knob offsets the probable rate change from slow 0.05hz to 50hz
  • CV Output of voltages with LED indicating the fluctuation rate

Quantized Random Voltage:

  • Pulse Input activates a random stepped voltage at the Output
  • The knob offsets the varying number of steps from setting 1 to setting 6
  • CV Input controls the number of steps
  • n+1 is more locally scaled in the 5V range
  • 2^n is more equally distributed over a 10V range
Stored Random Voltage:
  • Pulse Input activates a random stepped voltage at the CV Outputs
  • The left CV Output is an evenly distributed random voltage
  • The right CV Output has a potentiometer and CV input to determine the random voltage distribution.
  • CV In affects the “curve” distribution of the right CV Output
  • The knob offsets the “curve” distribution of the right CV Output.
  • Fully counterclockwise skews in favor of lower voltages. The middle is a bell curve distribution and clockwise skews toward higher voltages.
  • Input is looking for discrete or stepped voltages
  • The knob proportionally smooths out the incoming voltage from 0.01 (no smoothing) to 10 (dramatic smoothing, glissandi)
  • CV Input controls the smoothing potentiometer
  • TR1 is a trimmer on the back of the module, it adjust the range of the Integrator.
Sample and Hold:
  • Pulse Input samples the voltage at the CV Input
  • Pulse “alt” divides the incoming pulse into alternating pulse outputs
  • CV Input for periodic, continuous or fluctuating voltages
  • CV Output of the complete voltages
  • CV Output “alt” divides the voltages into alternating outputs (great for ping pong effects)
  • Manufacturer: Tiptop Audio
  • TE / HP: 24
  • Depth (mm): 25
  • + 12 V (mA): 150
  • - 12 V (mA): 100
  • Random: Yes
  • Sample and Hold: Yes
  • Noise: Yes
  • Trigger: Yes
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