Mark Kane amps are 100% Built-To-Order. They are hand soldered on eyelets or posts. The tolex, grille-cloth and woods are personalized. Mark offers a staggering variety of models (Dumble, Trainwreck, Marshall & Fender), voicings and materials.

Most Mark Kane amps are available as heads, combos or head/cab setups. Let Mark help you select the speakers that complement the voicing of the amp he is building you.

Mark Kane amps are custom voiced to the player who orders them. To assure we get things right, the build process is highly interactive between you, Mark Kane and Prime Guitars.

To start the process, some buyers will send us You-Tube or audio clips of a tone they are dreaming of. Alternatively we have had great success just talking out your vision using reference songs, artists and products you have tried/loved.

Step two is for you and Mark to spend time communicating directly to exchange ideas and finalize the volume, voicing and aesthetics.

From there the process is a faithful 8-10 weeks until your amp ships. Worried about getting things right?....relax, Mark offers a free re-voicing of your amp in the unlikely event your tone needs some tweaking.

American Style “F” Amps: Have you cycled through a zillion Fender style amps only to find that (a) they all sound different even within the same year/model, (b) something always seems to be lacking? No worries…work with Mark and let’s add that special something that is missing from what you’ve tried. Because Mark builds each amp uniquely, you can confidently achieve that little nuance that the classics missed.

Mark can create a dead-on take of the classic early Tweed models all the way through Champs, Twins, Tweedle Dees, Early Brown Face, Blond Era, Bandmasters, Supers, Deluxes and more. Again, need that X-variety on steroids?....let Mark get that done for you.



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