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"A compact digital reverb pedal with pure-analog dry signal path, true-bypass switching, and controls for Time, Tone, and Reverb (depth), the Silver Spring proved a sparkling little performer in a range of settings. It ably subbed for a tube Fender Reverb Unit in front of a tweed-like combo for some surfy instrumentals, and worked equally well replacing a Bogner Goldfinger’s builtin spring reverb in the amp’s parallel FX loop. It doesn’t go splash when you kick it, and you might detect just a hair of pulsing in the wash of the effect’s decay, but all in all it’s a stellar sounding unit!" -Guitar Player Magazine, September 2013

Silver Spring Reverb (SSR) is a compact, easy to use digital/analog reverb with a pure analog direct signal path. It creates a natural sounding ambient reverb that will not get in the way of your original signal.

The Silver Spring Reverb’s bandwidth is in between the dark warmth of an amplifier’s spring reverb and the pristine clarity of a studio reverb.

The SSR’s sound is exceptional with a clean signal but was specifically designed to work equally well with the tougher performance requirements of distorted tone. The SSR can be used before distortion, although it was primarily designed to go after. If you use the SSR before distortion, you may want to use a lower Reverb (Wet/Dry) setting.

Built the Mad Professor way: small footprint and big tone. Complete true bypass and input of circuit grounded in bypass.

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