Beautiful laminated Walnut back and sides.."shaded top to match.. with the Cit� Griset paper label. ebony fingerboard, with new frets.. three piece neck..BB tailpiece and Tuners..this is the "quintessential" Busato Grand Mod��le.. one repaired cleated and stable top crack, and one scrape that is not a crack.. the "geometry" of the top is perfect.. two back braces.. this guitar is outstanding in every way..a wonderful example of the "next best" thing to a Selmer..

Gypsy Guitars

Gypsy Guitars

Bortolo Busato
23 Years
Gypsy Guitars
Jacques Mazzoleni
443 310 2521
Henderson, NV
3:58 PM
Internet based business located in the Mid-Atlanctic Region

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