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Here we have something very special indeed!  Here we have a beautiful 1961/62 Fender Jazzmaster in original Fiesta Red finish with a Desert Sand base-coat and a slab board fretboard, complete with its tremolo arm and bridge cover!  What makes this one extra cool is that it comes with the then standard tortoise pickguard and non-matching headstock.  This is just like the one pictured in ‘the’ Fender Book as shown in our pictures.   I know there are a lot of collectors out there for this period, so if you're a buyer, read on!

Here at JTKM STUDIO we have spent the best part of two decades searching for these early custom colour offset Fender from 1960 to early 1962 with non-matching headstocks and tortoise pickguards.  With the launch of Fender’s custom colour options in the early 1960’s we feel that Fender wanted to boast their custom order options and combinations.  This is why we feel it is quite common to find late 1961 to early 1962 offset Fender with a tortoise guard, similar to the line-up shown on period advertisements and the Fender Jazzmaster Instruction manual.  Once you enter the matching headstock era it is very unlikely that you’ll find a tortoise pickguard on a Fender Jaguar or Jazzmaster, but of course there will be a few exceptions.

This is without doubt the best playing, sounding and looking pre CBS Fender Jazzmaster we have ever had.  What makes this Jazzmaster truly exceptional is the neck.  We had a beautiful 1962 Burgundy Mist Fender Jazzmaster a few months back but it was a complete let-down because it has a slim neck.  This one, however, has the a big, fat and full feeling neck.  These are the ultimate Fender necks in our opinion and why we are happy to pay a premium for such examples.  The frets, nut and tuners are all original.  The tuners work perfectly and hold tune well.  The frets and nut are issue-free and it plays perfectly.  The neck dates is a pencil neck date, dating to March 1962: 3/62.

The finish is all original but it does look like its had a few meaningless amateur touch-up spots, most have already flaked off but you can still see some spots.  They are almost not worth mentioning but if you look carefully you can see them.  Please request additional photos if required.

Under the guard you have the expected black bobbin pickups which are very strong and responsive.  The pickups are not mellow or chilled out which for us is often a problem with Jazzmaster pickups from this period.  All of the soldering is fully original and none solder joints have been over-flown.  All of the masking tape is still in place.  All switches are original and work as they should.  The pots are Stackpole branded (304) and date to the 25th week of 1961.

The Jazzmaster currently comes with a 1963 White Fender Jazzmaster case, not the brown one shown in the photos.  If you know what you’re looking at you will see that the case shown in the photos is a Fender Jaguar case, not a Jazzmaster case.  However, we do hope (if we can find one before it sells) to be able to upgrade the case to a period correct brown Tolex case, free of charge. 

All internal photos are available upon request.

There you have it, this is one of the greatest Fender Jazzmaster’s we have ever see and yet again we have a true rarity here at JTKM STUDIO.  We do not except this one to be around for long, sadly!

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Very Good
Fiesta Red
Original Hard
Joni Thompson
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