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This amp is outstanding, captivating really. To find a tweed amp in this condition is extremely rare.

The circuit has seen necessary, non-invasive service, readying it for years of service. It is a near mint relic that you can use and enjoy.

The only knock on condition is on the underside of the cabinet. I assume that the amp sat somewhere for years and the tweed lacquer bonded with carpet or whatever was under the amp. It is inconsequential if you really think about it. Many amps suffer the same affliction, and who really looks under there anyway?

It is all about the tone in the end, and this amp does not disappoint!

Original tweed, original handle, clean control panel, Elileen's name in the chassis on the tape, original grille, original speaker, original transformers - everything you want in a vintage tweed Fender!

Color: Tweed
Dimensions: H 17" x W 18" x D 9"
Weight: 22lb 0.3oz
Watts: 15w
Date: 1952
Where date is noted: Chassis
Speaker 1 brand/model: Jensen Alnico 5, P12 R C4897 3
Speaker 1 Code: 220214
Speaker 1 cone original/changed: Original
Extension speaker out?: No
Power Transformer Make/Markings:
Output Transformer Make/Markings:
Choke Transformer Make/Markings:
Reverb Transformer Make/Markings:
FX Loop?: No
Reverb or other effects?: Microphone In
Power tubes: 5Y3
Power Tube Brand: GT
Preamp Tubes: 63C7
Preamp Tube Brand: GT
Filter Caps: Replaced
Pots: Original
Pot Code(s): 304227
Tolex: Original
Grille: Original
Knobs: Original
Handle: Original
Power cord: Original

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